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Policy of Adoption


  • Standard and Mutation pet is from $200-$400

  • TOV (Velvet), Female, Recessive gene carriers may be additional charge 

  • Recessive gene color price various base on quality

  • Please read the care and tip page before adopting a chinchilla.

  • Please remember that Chinchivilla always gives birthday gift for all of our chinchillas in new home. We appreciate your taking good care of the babies with love. Please contact me for how to receiving it. (Shared shipping cost $5 handled by the owner).

  • All my chinchillas will go to new home with a cute packed starter package (Drinking Water; Pellet Food; House Treat Biscuits;  Chewing Alfalfa Hay Cubes; High Quality Timothy Hay and a special coupon on particular supply of the habits what your new chinchilla has. For example, a coupon of ceramic play house for Little Rocket because he loves it in my home, we encourage the chinchilla can continue to enjoy her or his favorite stuff in new home.)

  • All young chinchillas will be available to pick up after 2 months. A chinchilla carrier is not included in the adoption price.

  • If you're interested in something in particular, contact me and I may have something available or could put you on a wait list. Prices will be based on color, temperament, conformation, clarity, density, veiling, fur strength, bar uniformity, fur length, size, neck and overall condition as well as the quality of the breeding lines for adults. Prices on babies will be determined by the quality of the parents and the color of the kit. If the animal has been shown, the prices may be adjusted depending on the placement in show. Prices are subject to change at any time. If you are interested in a certain color, I can put you on a waiting list to contact you when I have one available or I can send you to a respectable breeder who may have what you're looking for.

  • To place an animal on hold, I require a $100 non-refundable deposit to ensure that the animal will be available for you.

  • I have 10 days Healthy Guarantee after the adoption date. (The refund is not included the deposit fee.)

  • I have the right to refuse sale to any customer who I believe may not be qualified to take care of these animals. I also have the right to cancel a sale and refund the money at any time if I decide to keep an animal instead of selling it. If I ask you questions, please do not be offended. I need to know and also let you know that you have the safe supplies are ready in home before getting the animal.

  • All chinchillas  I will make sure to explain the personality of each animal and  I will explain whether or not the animal should be bred. (Please understand, pet quality animals SHOULD NOT be bred. This is only to try to keep quality in the species and to improve quality. Animals that are sold before they are of age to be shown will be considered pet quality only and should not be bred unless evaluated by an experienced judge or rancher. I will explain the background of the chinchilla, but a quality background does not guarantee a quality chinchilla. I wish this were the case, but it doesn't always work out that way. Young chinchillas can be taken to shows after 5-6 months of age so you will have an idea of the quality. Breeding quality animals can also be pets, but most people will not want to pay the price for the quality of the animal. Usually, the higher the quality, the higher the price. )

  • Please learn about chinchilla before becoming a chinchilla owner that you could check out our "CHINCHILLAS CARE" page.

  • We accept Paypal

  • If you are under the age of 18, I will need permission from your parents before I can sell to you. Your parents must sign a form stating that if the animal is not taken care of, that it will come back to Chinchivilla. The parents must take full responsibility of the animal. This is to stop impulse buys and to make sure the animal will be taken care of if the child decides to change it's mind and send it off to other homes or shelters.

  • All adoptions require you to sign "Adoption Agreement" which indicate chinchilla's basic knowledge and your information that will help you to receive free raffle gifts from Chinchivilla.

  • Every animal that leaves my home will be in excellent condition health wise. I ensure that an animal is healthy before it leaves my home. 

  • We are not a chinchilla mill and do not pump out animals in high numbers. I don't supply my chinchillas to laboratory or pet store.

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