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Email me about your order:

The price of all items listed below is for local purchase only means handed in person (not includes handling/shipping fee) and might be adjusted in our online Esty shop and taxable. Please contact me your order (item number is fine, like Mazuri Chin food is #1, and quantity of this item) that I can prepare and get your order be ready when you pick up your chinchilla or advise you available time and location.

Chinchilla Groceries for less

Item #                         Item Name                               Price

  1. Mazuri Chinchilla Pellet Food 5 lb                  $12

  2. Chinchilla Alfalfa Base Hay Cubes 1.5 lb        $5

  3. ChilDust Bathing Dust (show use) 3 lb            $9

  4. Metal Bath Container                                      $15

  5. Timothy Hay Large Box 12*12*8                     $12

  6. Homemade Training Biscuits                          $13.99

  7. High Quality Bed Shaving/Bag                       $10

  8. Show Case (Carrier)                                         $30

  9. Water Bottle                                                    $12


Chinchilla Quality-Living Improvement

Item #                         Item Name                                  Price

   9. Fat Chinchilla Ceramic Play House                        $39

 10. Waterproof Hammock single level                         $20

 11. Waterproof Hammock Double-level                      $33

 12. Chinchilla Chewing Carrot                                      $7

 13. Chinchilla Nail Board                                               $19

 14. Nature Herbs Treats                                                 $13.99

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