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Before get a cute chinchillla 

You should prepared ....

  • Chinchilla cage is ready and it should be FREE of all PLASTIC AND PAPER! 

  • No PLYWOOD on wooden toys or furniture.

  • Chinchillas take dust shower by themselves! High quality chin bath dust (see our shop)with a bath container (It can be plastic as long as do not leave it in the cage. Choose glass/ ceramic/metal bath container if you like to leave it inside of cage)

  • Good Temperature for chinchilla is 58-70 degrees, and chinchilla needs AC in summer and like to keep themselves in dry place.

  • Hideout box is highly recommended before you received your new chinchilla. 

To welcome your new chinchilla to home

We recommend that chinchillas not be handled or held for the first 1 week after arrival and use the water we provided for first few days. (Older chinchillas may need longer time to get well into the new home).

Click here Download the chinchilla new owner guide if yours is lost ...

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