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More particular details of the request gender/color may cause longer waiting time.

Pet or Premium Pet?

I do not breed any lower quality animals for sale to pet only owner! All of our chinnies are from same resource, bloodline even same dam and sire. The premium pet is more likely a grower to show or a show quality means the chinchilla have proven the quality on a show with record.

They are health pet free from genetic defects and good temperament. 

I consider quality over the color outcome. I have very nice standard gray babies and they are not like pet store gray skinny chinchillas. I may also have "for sale" chinchillas available, please email me for details.

Want to Sign up to Wait-list or quote? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

Choose your prefer color, quality and gender ("*"means our specialty)

Better quality is always higher price; quality also can appear as a gorgeous look and great health.

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