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Apple ; Arbutus ; Ash ; Aspen ; Birch - White(Silver or Common Birch ) ; Bamboo ; Broadleaf ; Blackberry ; Black Currant ; Cholla ( some form of cacti) ; Cottonwood; Crabapple ; Dogwood; Elm; Balsa ; Grey; Grapevine ; Hawthorn ; Hazelnut ; Kiwi ; Larch ; Magnolia ; Manzanita ; Mulberry ; Ocotillo ; Pine (Kiln Dried Only) ; Pear  ; Pecan ; Poplar ; Quince ; Rose;  Sycamore ; Sequoia (Redwood) ; Willow (Not white willow) 
Yucca ; Sola 

Avoid branches from cherry, citrus fruit trees, redwood, cedar, and other evergreen trees. Do not use particleboard, plywood or other treated materials They are toxic to your chinchilla. ʕ;•`ᴥ•´ʔ


Apple Wood Sticks; Apple Wood; Plain Cheerios(no honey, found in US only); Bee Pollen; Pain shredded wheat; Lavender; Dandelion; Rose Petals; Rose hips; Plain oats

Every treat should be dried and given in moderation, as a few prone to causing gas. Not all the treats on this list are safe for kits and Pregnant chinchillas.

Our House treat biscuits is mix of Timothy and Alfalfa hay base, adding oat, dandelion, lavender, rose and wolfberry with Vitamin C and yeast Extract.

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